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Sales Consulting & Coaching

Many business owners have never had a sales role prior to starting their businesses.

They have a vague idea of how they like to be treated in a sales situation, but no real sense of how to manage a sales conversation, nor what the best approach for their own business might be.

When you have a clear sales strategy, a process to follow, and know how to manage a sales conversation successfully, you have everything you need to build and grow.

The Ventas Group Sales Consulting & Coaching

Selling should never be icky or uncomfortable. Selling is about serving first; helping people solve problems.

Sales Strategy Consulting

You may not always know what’s stopping you from reaching your revenue targets. Or you may have a niggling feeling about your sales process.

You need an impartial assessment and a plan to follow. First, we’ll look at where you are and where you want to go. Our CEO, Kim Fredrich, will work with you to identify where the greatest gains can be made and provide you with a customized sales strategy and the support you need to make it happen.

Sales Conversation Coaching

You’re an entrepreneurial business owner. You’ve created a brilliant small business and are excited to grow and develop right alongside it. But are you a salesperson? You may be uncomfortable selling, even though you know it’s something you need to do.

Good news! Selling isn’t what you think it is.

Our CEO, Kim Fredrich, will help you change the way you think about sales while showing you that selling is just having conversations with a purpose.

No matter what your confidence level is coming in, she’ll improve your sales conversations so they’re converting into real sales and real growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sales are critical to your business’s success. Let us help you grow!

Yes, even more so! When you understand how your activities tie directly to your bottom line and you have an easy system to complete those activities, you’ll start to see regular, consistent growth.

Our approach is conversational – no need to remember an 8 step process or exactly what to say in every situation. (Clients never stay on script!) And, we practice. A lot!

Maybe not. But let’s make sure you have your own compelling questions, directly tied to your USPs that you can use in a sales conversation. That’s how you ensure your solution is the only real answer. And let’s make sure you have a decent referral process too.