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No one can build a business without sales. But when you don’t have time to sell as consistently as your ambitious goals demand (or maybe selling is not your favorite thing?!) you need help. 

How good would it feel to:

The Ventas Group Approach

The Ventas Group is an extension of you and your team, seamlessly representing your business, your goals and your ethos.

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Our US based sales team is experienced, well trained, and serves before selling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead generating activities create interest. We go further – we book highly qualified appointments and turn over these contacts for you to ‘sell’ and close. We also teach you how to manage those conversations so you convert more prospects into clients.
It’s still the most direct and compelling way to engage with highly targeted prospects. We focus on your USPs and your own success stories – the things that make you better and different from your competitors.
Our service focused approach, combined with our experience, expertise and consistent, concentrated effort, usually generates customer lifetime values double or more of what you invest.
We pay for ourselves in new revenue generated from recurring client contracts. We’re also partially compensated on our results – we want to succeed as much as you want us to.
Our process allows us to quickly obtain what we need to tell your story and uses cold calling best practices and tools to jump right in. Our experienced and highly trained team is ready to begin within two weeks.
We maintain full and open communication with you and your team with bi-weekly activity and results reports