The Ventas Group

Who We Are

We believe selling is really about serving first – connecting products and services that solve problems with the people that are experiencing those problems.

We sell with authenticity and integrity, building trust with both our clients and their clients.

We work only with small and medium businesses where the business owner is directly involved so we can help her realize her ambitious growth targets.

We’re real people helping entrepreneurs grow.

B2B Sales

No one can build a business without sales. But when you don’t have time to sell as consistently as your ambitious goals demand you need help.


The Ventas Group’s CEO, Kim Fredrich, is a dynamic speaker who keeps her audiences engaged. Kim is available for keynote presentations, break-out sessions and corporate retreats.

Sales Consulting

We create achievable sales strategies for your business and give you the skills and confidence to turn sales conversations into clients.


Our 4 and 5 star training sessions change people's ideas about what selling really is, turning it into something almost enjoyable. Participants leave with a new mindset and tactics to use right away.

The Ventas Mission

There is nothing that gives us greater pleasure than helping a hard-working business owner find more sales success. Our approach, focused on comfortable, natural sales conversations that come from a place of service, is a natural fit with how our clients run their businesses.

The Sales Team

Kim Fredrich

Founder and CEO

Sibyl Brown

Sales Specialist

Margo Arnold

Sales Specialist

Olia Legoshina

Sales Specialist

Connie Rhind Robey

Sales Specialist

“My client video projects are complex and have a long sales cycle. Now that I’m working with The Ventas Group I know there is time dedicated to selling those projects so I am freed up to work on other strategic initiatives. I’ve been very impressed with the calibre of salespeople working on my account too.”

Anna Davalos

, CEO, Alejo Media

“Kim strategized with us to create a highly targeted sales plan for an event we’ve been attending for nearly 10 years, with uneven results. We knew her advice was sound, but the result was even better than we imagined! Using Kim’s approach the event earned us a spectacular 280% ROI, representing a significant portion of our business this year. I cannot recommend Kim highly enough.”

Lori Woehrle

, Managing Partner, Leapfrog Group

Setting out on your own is both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Working with Kim I honed my sales process and really developed a confidence around sales conversations. It’s worked better than I had expected – in my first year as an independent media relations agency I’ve had more financial success than I did in previous years as an employee.

Justin Goldstein

, President & Founder, Press Record Communications

My business took a big hit in 2020 and I worked with Kim late in the year to tighten up my sales calls as well as my sales process (especially the timing of follow ups). She is amazing and was super helpful. I am starting to see a boost in my conversations, especially from initial consults that come via Google Ads.

Christine Clapp

, Spoken With Authority

I attended Kim’s workshop at the 4As in December. I’ve always been good at building relationships but hadn’t considered taking those skills a little further into sales conversations. I put my new sales skills to the test with an existing client and initiated a conversation about what they were hoping to accomplish in 2020. I’m thrilled to say that I was able to secure new work that hadn’t even been on our radar previously

Teresa Kuruvilla

, Senior Account Executive, O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul

I had the opportunity to work with Kim when I wanted to take sales for my business to the next level. In our sessions, Kim helped me focus on mining my network and effective follow-up for my initial steps. She helped me develop an actionable sales strategy that achieved my objectives without pushing me too far out of my comfort zone and provided the support and accountability I needed to keep moving forward with trying new approaches.

Susan Borke

, Borke Works