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Creating an outbound sales process for your business will help you find more B2B clients

Sales Processes Will Help Find More B2B Clients

When referrals are no longer generating the sales revenue you need to meet your targets and you need to find more B2B clients, it’s time to implement an outbound sales process.


These are the steps you take to proactively seek new opportunities and build your sales pipeline. You’ll find many different examples of outbound sales processes, but your sales process should be customized to your business, integrating with your marketing efforts and your client management systems. 


Here’s how to find more B2B clients:


  1. ResearchWho are your best prospects, right now?
  2. Prospect (this is a verb!)How will you reach out to those prospects? What will you say to engage them?
  3. QualifyOnce you have someone’s interest, how will you determine if you are mutually a good fit? When will they be ready to buy?
  4. Nurture/ProposalIf they aren’t ready to buy, how will you nurture the relationship now that you’ve made contact? If they are ready to buy, are you prepared to produce a proposal?
  5. Follow upHow will you move from proposal to contract?
  6. ObjectionsWhat are the most common objections you hear? Have you developed the answers to address them?
  7. Follow upYes, again. And again. And again. Until you hear a no or you receive updated feedback.
  8. CloseHow will you ask for the business? It’s an important step that many business owners leave out!
  9. OnboardThis is where you make the transition from prospect to client. It will go more smoothly if you have a process defined for this too.
  10. Follow upYes, again! Your brand new client wants to know that he/she is important to you. 


These are example steps for a sales process – what most often changes between industries is the timing between steps. When you develop your own sales process you’ll need to consider what works for your business, your clients and what’s typical in your industry. 

Give us a call if you need a hand setting up and documenting a sales process to help you find more B2B clients.

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