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Give Your Clients a Little Love and Increase Sales


There’s a sales strategy for B2B businesses that doesn’t really feature in lists of how to grow your business and yet it’s the easiest way to increase sales. 


For some reason our collective business psyche has decided that acquiring new clients is sexier than developing existing client accounts. Everyone’s chasing after that elusive new relationship in both love and business!


But when you think about it, existing clients already know, like and trust you. Spend some time developing those relationships, giving your clients a little love, and you’ll increase sales revenue with the bonus of lower costs of acquisition. 


Even if you’re not a fan of selling, focusing at least some time loving your clients is a sales strategy that will help your B2B business grow. 

Here’s what to do:


  • Schedule quarterly review sessions for retained clients and regular sessions for project based clients
  • Take your clients out to lunch (when possible!)
  • Talk to them as people
  • Learn what’s important to them


Ask questions about what’s coming up for them at work and maybe even at home. Find out what their organization is trying to achieve in the next 6 months, 12 months, 18 months. Really listen to the answers. 


If you’ve already delivered an outstanding service, a little client love will reward you with more sales, more referrals, and most importantly, more profit.

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