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Surprising Sales Tips #5 - Listening is Everything!

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Surprising Sales Tip Series with me, Kim Fredrich, CEO of The Ventas Group.




Kim Fredrich 0:02

Hi, I’m Kim Fredrich, CEO and founder of the Ventas group. And here today for another of my Surprising Sales Tip Serie, joining me today is Monika Jansen. She’s kind of fun because she’s not just the CEO of Jansen Communications, she is the head kick-ass, copywriter, and strategist. So Monika, I’m so thrilled to have you here because you know, you and I both know, and we probably even talked about this how much sales and marketing are linked. And how marketing is so critical to what happens with sales, right? Yep. So I would love it if you would share with us, what’s your top tip for growing sales?


Monika Jansen 0:42

So my answer is actually something you and I’ve talked about a lot. And it’s just like you said, like sales and marketing are so….connected and interconnected. Excuse me, and there’s just a lot of commonalities between them. So my top tip is just to listen.


Kim Fredrich 0:58

Wow, okay, that’s not what I was expecting from my head kick-ass copywriter. But so tell me how does that translate into what you do with copywriting?


Monika Jansen 1:10

Gosh, I wasn’t prepared for that question. So I can’t write anything. And no one on my team can write anything for our clients, until we ask them questions about their business, their audience, their target market, who they are, what their ideal client cares about, we have to ask all these questions and really dig deep. And listen to them to understand.


Kim Fredrich 1:44

Does that just allow them to write in their voice directly to their ideal client?


Monika Jansen 1:50

And yeah, and right, the messages that are gonna resonate it all? It all starts with listening, you ask questions, and you’re listening for the answers.


Kim Fredrich 1:58

So tell me when you’ve got that when you’ve listened, and you really understood how to connect with them or who they’re trying to connect with? How does? How does getting that right help with sales?


Monika Jansen 2:14

Well, marketing is the beginning of the conversation, right? That’s the beginning of the relationship. That’s where you’re building trust. And again, there’s so much overlap here, right? between marketing and sales, but you’re building trust, you’re building trust, you’re listening, you’re asking follow-up questions that eventually will lead to the sale. It might not happen like this, or I can’t really snap might not happen instantly. But it the sale is going to come. But it has to start. I mean, it’s just like building relationship with someone in your personal life. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens by spending time together and getting to know each other.


Kim Fredrich 2:51

Right? So I and you’re you’re 100% right, this is exactly what I’ve said and we have talked about it before is that you can’t you can’t expect sales to just happen unless you’re selling like you know mops or something that’s just a commodity. But what what you’re talking about is starting a relationship. And the way to start that relationship is to listen, what is it that people are asking for? What are the problems that they’re having? And for you, that translates into how do I write messaging that addresses those things? I love it. I love it. I love it. Because I’m on the campaign here to make listening like something that everybody needs to learn how to do better. I think businesses would do better, relationships in general would do better, we would all do better if we just listened a little bit better and a little bit more, wouldn’t we?


Monika Jansen 3:37

Absolutely 100% agree.


Kim Fredrich 3:40

Well, great. Well, Monika, thank you, because that’s not what I expected you to say. This is why it’s a Surprising Sales Tip Series. It’s not just that it’s somebody who’s not necessarily in the sales arena, but they surprise me with what they say. If somebody wants to get a hold of you, because they need some help with messaging or copywriting, how would they do that?


Monika Jansen 4:01

You can come to my website,, chances are you can probably Google Jansen Communications, J A N S E N and find us or you can look me up on LinkedIn.


Kim Fredrich 4:15

Okay, and I’ll drop that into the show notes for this little episode so that you can be found easily. And Monika, thanks. Thanks for joining me today.


Monika Jansen 4:23

You’re very welcome. Thanks for having me, Kim.

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