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Surprising Sales Tips #4

Here we are again, for another tip in the Surprising Sales Tip Series with me, Kim Fredrich, CEO of The Ventas Group.


Kim Fredrich  0:01  

Welcome to another episode of The Surprising Sales Tips Series with me, Kim Fredrich, the Founder and CEO of The Ventas Group. And joining me today is Sevana Stone, the CEO of Versatel Solutions. I love bringing on people like Sevana, who have really nothing to do with sales, but yet are so critical to business success, because the work that her team and she does at Versatel in terms of admin support, and HR support, and even recruiting and other things that are all those important back office functions that make a business successful. There’s got to be something in there, that’s going to help you as a business owner, she’s going to have a sales tip, for sure. So, I’m going to hand it over now to Sevana, and I’m going to say, “Sevana, can you tell us what’s your number one top tip for increasing sales?”

Sevana Stone 0:56  

We’re finishers, were finishers, I guess.  I guess that’s probably the easiest way to, to articulate it. But to expand on that, a lot of times you are out there, you are looking for new clients who are then engaging new clients, and then they fall off the map. Or, you go to a networking event and you gather all these cards, and you make all these promises, and then that falls off the map. Or, maybe you did engage a client and you did the work and then the invoicing falls off the map.  So those are ways in which we come in and we finish that.  We do the potential client correspondence. 

So the client correspondence during the time that you’ve engaged them, sending out that letter of engagement or contract, whatever it is that you have, that you keep forgetting to send out.  Going out, or rather emailing to persons that you’ve met at different networking or business events and saying, “hey, it was great to meet you. Would you like to be on my mailing list?” Or, “would you like to continue our conversation?” 

And then with the bookkeeping side, there’s all that AR, you’d be surprised how many clients I have with a massive AR, where they’re like, Oh, I’ll get to it, or I’ll get it, it’s like, you know, you’re losing out on 1000s and 1000s of dollars by not reaching out.

Kim Fredrich  2:15  

You’ve made the sale, but you haven’t collected the revenue. Okay, so I want to just go back a little bit and unpack this a little bit because I what I love, what you said is you’re finishers.   And you’re doing what you’ve told me, what you just outlined was all the follow up. So what we’re talking about is a business owner, or anybody who’s involved in bringing business into an organization goes out and invests the effort. And but they don’t always then follow up, which actually, is also what I hear all the time, too. People don’t know, to follow up nearly as much as they should or even at all. And what you’re saying is, a top tip is that you can instead of letting all that fall away, get some help to actually finish it off, because that’s going to increase your sales? Of course it is. I love that!  And then, and then…go ahead, sorry.

Sevana Stone  3:07  

Yeah, no, no, I was gonna say, well, in the end, you also don’t want to look messy, right, you don’t want to look like a messy company. So you want the client to know that there is a smooth onboarding process, you want everybody to know that there are these processes that you have in place and look at this amazing company that I have. And, you know, sometimes you do need somebody who’s behind the curtain, pulling all of those strings and it not be you. You can’t be in front of the curtain and, yeah.

Kim Fredrich  3:36  

You want your client to have a really good experience. And so what you’re saying is your team can help make that more seamless by just supporting everything you do. So in really the thing you didn’t say, is that allows you as the business owner, to do what you do best. 

Sevana Stone  3:53  

Yes, absolutely. You’ve ever started this company for a reason. And that reason is what you should be doing whatever it is that whatever that reason was a hairdresser, a carpenter, marketing, you know, you’re really good at that thing that you do. And all of the other things should not be things that you do.

Kim Fredrich  4:11  

Right, right. I love it. I love it. Because you’re so right. And it’s one of those things that so many people just don’t consider in relation to sales. And so, thank you, I’m really, really glad that we had the opportunity to talk about this and for you to share, because you’re right, I’m sure you see businesses that you work with, you see how you make an impact in terms of what happens to their bottom line. And that’s really what it’s all about. So, Sevana, this is awesome. Thank you so much for joining us today. Can you tell me if someone wants to get in touch with you, what’s the best way to do that?

Sevana Stone  4:47  

So emailing me at You can also go on our website there’s a Contact Us page at a rather at, or, you can call us and my direct line is 703-716-3171. I honestly can’t remember our office number offhand, but you can always reach me directly with that number. So..

Kim Fredrich  5:15  

Awesome. Well, that’s great. And I will put those things into the show notes as well. So then everybody has those numbers and everything and they can reach out to you. And thank you for joining me today and sharing your top tip for increasing sales.

Sevana Stone  5:30  

Yes, thank you. Thank you. I’m going to be discussing a little bit more about it on April 26. I will be at Intelligent Office in Tyson’s Corner.  I’m doing a workshop there at 12 o’clock. So if anyone would like to join me where I can expand a little bit more on how to do the networking and how to how to do your business post Covid, please join me there.

Kim Fredrich  5:53  

Okay, great. And you’ll provide me a link for that as well if somebody wants to join. Okay, we’ll add that in and if anyone wants to join Sevana at that workshop, if you’re local to the DC area, that would be great. Thanks, Sevana

Sevana Stone  6:07  

Thank you. Take care.

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