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In Sales Which is Better? Quality or Quantity?

I had a third sales call with a prospective client yesterday. And we’ve scheduled a follow up call next week (it’s always a good idea to get permission for the next step!). But on that call I’m going to tell them I cannot work with them. 


Why? Because what they want me to provide is not what they need. It won’t produce the results they want and it will be a poor return on their investment.


Could I just take their money for the next six months? Absolutely. But that’s disingenuous and I have more integrity than that. 


I want to be able to show them how I can add value in the areas that they’ve already dismissed. I want to be able to serve them genuinely, honestly, and with their success in mind.  


I can so clearly see how I can help them get a better return on the money they’ve already invested in marketing, but they, so far, haven’t been interested in that. 


I know that there are many business owners (and salespeople) who would take the money and run. It’s part of the reason why so many people dislike dealing with salespeople and the entire profession is tainted.


To me, there is no value in being a dishonest salesperson or consulting advisor even if it benefits me in the short term. I’m trying to build a long term business that has a high client renewal rate and generates not just referrals, but customer advocates. All that because I’ve provided great value, a superb experience and a positive ROI. 

I’m looking to build relationships based on trust, and solutions. Order taking is not the way I sell, nor the way I serve. If that means I say no to a sizable piece of business, that’s ok.

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