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Is Know, Like and Trust Necessary in Sales?





In sales, there’s a saying that someone needs to know like and trust you before they’re going to make a purchase from you. But is it really true? 



Hi, I’m Kim Fredrich. I’m the Founder and CEO of The Ventas Group. We provide outsourced sales support for small businesses that aren’t quite ready for a salesperson. 



So let’s just unpack that know, like and trust. You definitely need to trust somebody if you’re going to buy from them. Because we’re talking about exchanging money for goods and services, you want to feel confident that when you invest money, for whatever it is, you’re going to get that, and with the level of service that you expect, so trust, definitely. 



How about know? Do you need to know somebody to make a purchase from them? Well, if you already trust somebody, and you know that they are, at least you perceive that they are able to deliver what they say to deliver, and you know that that’s what they do, and you perceive that that’s what they do, maybe, but do you need to know that person personally? Probably not. 



Strictly from a professional capacity, you need to know again, that then you can trust them to deliver what you’re purchasing. So that leaves like. It’s always nicer to do business with people that you like. But is it really necessary?



Let’s just think about a situation where you have a competitor, there’s more than one person who’s competing for your business. All things being equal, everybody can provide the same service, everyone can do so and provide the same value, and do so at a similar competitive price. In those situations, maybe liking someone makes it easier to do business with that person. 



But if you are making a choice, all things are not being equal. You’re making a choice based on whether you like somebody more than somebody else, even though perhaps they’re not offering as good a value or perhaps their service isn’t quite at the same standard. 



Knowing, liking and trusting doesn’t become so important anymore. Trusting does right forgot about that. But liking them. Not so much. You need to know that what you’re buying is what you’re going to get, whether you like that person or not. 



Again, this doesn’t apply to everything of course. There are situations where if you can be working with someone day in, day out, liking them might  might sway the decision in your favor, but I’m going to say, that in a situation where all other things are equal making a decision on the basis of like is okay. 



If you’re making a decision on the basis of liking someone when all things are not equal? Probably you should think again.


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