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Surprising Sales Tips #2 - Service and Setting Expectations


Here we are again, for another tip in the Surprising Sales Tip Series with me, Kim Fredrich, CEO of The Ventas Group.




Kim Fredrich  00:03

Hi, I’m Kim Fredrich, CEO and founder of The Ventas group. And I’m here with Alex Suchman today for another of our Surprising Sales Tip series. Alex is the CEO and Co- founder of Barometer XP, a games company that helps colleagues and teammates get to know each other better, help develop company culture, and make everybody a lot more productive, and happier at work. 


Kim Fredrich  00:28

Alex, welcome to the surprising sales tip series. So you know, of course, what I’m going to ask you to do. What is your top tip as a non sales expert? What is your top tip for improving sales? 


Alex Suchman  00:46

Yeah, for me, the most important thing in having a business is client satisfaction and integrity. And I think that starts with sales. 


Alex Suchman  00:56

So you’re thinking about what I want a client to be like, after I’ve worked with them after we’ve done a game session or a series of game sessions, in order to have them feel like they got what they needed, and they’re better off, I need to be really clear about what they need up front. And they need to be really clear that they know what they’re going get from me upfront. 


Alex Suchman  01:15

So I think clarity and transparency in the initial sales conversation is really important. And that that takes time. It takes some relationship building, it takes maybe communicating in different ways. But I think it’s so important for both for both parties to be really clear about what they’re expecting to get out of it, what they’re expecting to put in, and how they think it’s going to go.


Kim Fredrich  01:40

That’s so fantastic, Alex, because you have absolutely hit the nail on the head, and it isn’t technically about sales. 


Kim Fredrich  01:47

But by clearly understanding or and making sure that you’re asking the questions to understand what your customer or client is needing or what they’re expecting to get from an experience or even really, what’s their ultimate goal? What’s the outcome that they’re most looking for? 


Kim Fredrich  02:04

When everyone is aware of that, and you’re clear about it, then you can adjust how you respond, perhaps even the package or proposal, or in your case, games that you put together are used to help that client achieve that. And you know what, actually, and I’m going to add this as well, because you may not even be aware of the benefit that you have there when you’re focused all on your customers. 


Kim Fredrich  02:28

And what you’re saying is better communication, better expectation setting, better understanding. Yes, yes, yes. And yes. And the beauty of all of that, is you have a happier customer at the end. What does that do?


Alex Suchman  02:43

Make them want to work with you, again, makes them tell their friends, makes them happy.


Kim Fredrich  02:48

So not only do you have a happy customer, but you’ve set it up for future referrals, future business, and all those other great things that happen when you have a happy customer. So Alex, that’s great! 


Kim Fredrich  03:02

Thank you very much for sharing your surprising sales tip with us. Because you know, who knew that that’s somebody who’s working with games and building team culture. And obviously, I understand that connection between what you do and your sales tip today. 


Kim Fredrich  03:17

So if somebody wants to get to know you, or connect with you, because they want to learn more about how they can help build their team culture, or connect more with people in their lives, how can they reach you?


Alex Suchman  03:28

Yeah, so they could check out our website, which is, or email me at And we have games that people can play for free, we have the facilitation guys online, and you could just do it for 10 minutes at the beginning of a team, or we offer custom facilitated sessions. Our whole thing is just play and have fun in the workplace. And not only will it make you happier in the moment, but in the long run, it’s going to make everybody work together a lot better.


Kim Fredrich  03:59

Great. Thanks, Alex. And I can second that we played some of Alex’s games in a group session that I held recently. And it was just a ton of fun. We got to know each other so much better. And the connections we already had were deepened, and it was just a really valuable experience. So Alex, thanks so much for joining me today. And I look forward to seeing you again. And maybe another time. 


Alex Suchman  04:21

Absolutely. Thank you

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