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Lock Down Your USPs to See Sales Skyrocket


Here’s another one of those business truths that seems to be largely ignored: when you make your unique value proposition the focus of every sales conversation, you’ll win more business.


In fact, you’ll see a seismic shift in your conversion rate.


Asking compelling questions that highlight what makes you better or different than your competitors will increase your success rate exponentially.


A couple of caveats:


  1. You must know what your unique selling proposition is
  2. Potential clients must be properly qualified


But since these things are part of a robust sales process, you’ll already have these down, right?


Too often neither of these caveats are satisfied. Many businesses struggle to articulate specifically what makes them better or different from their competition. In some industries, it’s virtually impossible. This is where you need to get creative. What’s better or different about:


  • your product or service
  • the way in which you deliver it
  • you or your company culture
  • the customer experience?


You won’t appeal to everyone, but that is precisely the point. You only want to appeal to those who value what makes you better or different from the rest of the market. Those people will happily pay whatever price you charge and will be much more likely to purchase more quickly. Hello increased sales!


Prospects Must be Properly Qualified


Your marketing should already be doing this for you, but if it’s not, the first point of contact with your business needs to winnow out those who don’t value what makes you better or different than everyone else. Now your sales conversations are set up for success.


Connect Your Compelling Questions to Your USPs to Increase Sales


Your goal in the sales conversation is to make this prospect feel your solution is the only viable solution for them. Yes, there will be competitors who offer a similar solution, but you’re going to help this prospect clarify that for her, yours most clearly meets her needs.


For example, you may offer a 25 year guarantee and your competitor offers a 15 year guarantee for the same product or service. Your compelling questions will need to uncover whether the prospect values the 25 year guarantee over the 15 year guarantee.


If your solution is the same price as your competitors’ you might ask “Would you prefer to have a 25 year guarantee or a 15 year guarantee?” Since the solutions are the same price, most people will choose your 25 year solution.


If your solution is more expensive, your compelling question might be something like this: “How much is an extra 10 years of peace of mind worth to you?” Do you see how this connects directly to what makes you better or different AND the benefit to your client?


When you can clearly articulate your unique selling proposition and connect it to the compelling questions in your sales conversations you’ll increase your conversion rate and skyrocket your sales revenues.


To your success!

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