The Ventas Group

Part Time Sales Support for Busy

When you’re too busy to sell, we find highly qualified leads and help you convert them into clients.

Who Has Time to Sell Regularly And Consistently?

You’re running your B2B service business, managing everything from hiring to marketing and everything in-between. You know you there’s opportunity to grow, but you just don’t have time to sell.


We’re US based, experienced salespeople who introduce your brand to around 100 new prospects each month to find high quality, qualified prospects and get market insight first hand. Plus, we’ll teach you how to have better sales conversations so you convert more of those prospects into clients.

If You Can Have a
Conversation, You Can Sell

Kim Fredrich, CEO of The Ventas Group’s, philosophy, plus practical, ready
to apply tactics and strategies, in an easy to read book.

Sales Insights for Entrepreneurs

A little selling theory, a lot of ‘how-to’, plus ideas on how to increase sales and profitability.
From an H2H (human to human) perspective of course!

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